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Tina Davies

Tina Davies FADE Collection Kit - 8 Pigments

Tina Davies FADE Collection Kit - 8 Pigments

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FADE is a hybrid line of pigments that is comprised of mainly inorganic ingredients and uses less organic ingredients compared to I LOVE INK. They are both hybrid pigment lines

Unlock exceptional healed results with Tina Davies Pigments. Crafted by devoted PMU expert and educator Tina Davies, these pigments simplify pigment selection and are a favorite among top PMU artists. Tina Davies pigments come in an extensive array of hues, undertones, and values to cater to every client's needs. 

The Tina Davies FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection is a collection of eight versatile pigments that transition into softer shades approximately 12-24 months post-application. The ultimate healed shades may vary based on the client and your application technique. 

This comprehensive set is meticulously designed for PMU professionals and clients desiring beautiful eyebrows without the commitment to a lifelong shape or color. Brows enhanced with these pigments can be effortlessly refreshed or touched up for many years to come. 

 Colors in Set: 

Light Warm Blonde: for golden-blonde brows 

Light Neutral Blonde: for ash-blonde brows 

Medium Warm Auburn: for reddish-brown brows (can be used as warm modifier) 

Medium Warm Brown: for rich-brown brows 

Medium Neutral Brown: for ash-brown brows 

Dark Warm Brown: for vivid-brown brows 

Dark Neutral Brown: for strong-brown brows 

Deep Cool Brown: for blackish-brown brows 

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