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Perma Blend

LUXE - Ready Set Go Set

LUXE - Ready Set Go Set

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EU REACH Compliant & BVL Registered

It’s time to gear up. We’re going full throttle with Perma Blend LUXE’s most equipped ensemble. This pre-modified set was formulated for true-to-color healing, and ease of color selection. While this set is ready-to-go for most clients, you may need to use the included modifier for the perfect match on others.

Opacity Range: Low to High
Temperature Range: Neutral to Warm
Formulation Properties: Blend
Fitzpatrick Scale: 1,2,3,4,5,6

  • Ready Blonde
    • A neutral warm leaning brown with high opacity.
  • Ready Ash
    • A neutral cool leaning ash brown with high opacity.
  • Ready Medium
    • A neutral medium brown with high opacity.
  • Ready Dark
    • A neutral cool leaning dark brown with medium opacity.
  • Ready Darkest
    • A cool leaning darker brown with medium to high opacity.
  • Ready Mod
    • A warm modifier with low opacity.
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